About Hustle Womens

Hustle Womens is a one of a kind character, put on to this earth to rub most people the wrong way, some people the right way, and a select few in a way that is bordering on illegal.  He drinks John Dalys in excess and generally prefers the lazier things in life.  The alphabet is not one of his strong points and he often forgets to celebrate good times.  The unprovoked sucker punch is his specialty and he is also quick to kick a man while he’s down.  Definitely not a person you should listen to when it comes to important life choices.   For 26 years the world has been a mystery to him.  With no direction, he’s traversed many of lifes challenges.  Yet many questions remain.  Where should he go? What should he do?  Is it OK to take a piss behind that dumpster over there?  Whatever the answer is, he is sure to stumble upon it at some point.  No hurry, because in the end, he knows that all he has in this world is his mind and his body.  The only problem is one is too smart for its own good and the other is too consumed by its own  pursuit of cheeseburgers and beer to be of any use to him.


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