Dream A Little Dream For Me


Its another Saturday morning for me and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this is when I do my most delirious thinking. It feels like I’m stuck in a dream sequence. However, this isn’t an exciting dream. It’s actually quite boring. In a real dream, I would be riding a magical beast creature across Idaho and stealing potatoes from all the ungrateful land owners like an agricultural Robin Hood. This is not that dream. In this dream, I’m at work and my surroundings are poisoned with the stench of old coffee that smells and tastes like a mountain man’s asshole and even older people that also smell and taste like a mountain man’s asshole. These people’s belongings are littered with cigarette packs the brands of which if never even seen before. These cigarettes had names like Mustang and smells like a 60 year old carpet. This dream is like a nightmare but instead of bad things happening, I’m just subjected to a bombardment of annoying people with terrifying odors. Instead of loudly screaming for help, I’m quietly wishing that someone will go and take a shower. I think it’s time I go piss on the worlds biggest Cousy.


One Response to “Dream A Little Dream For Me”

  1. i just peed my pantys. Thank you.

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