When Do We Grow Up?


I consider myself to be a somewhat childish individual and there is nothing wrong with holding on to a piece of your youth but some people take that shit way too far.  If you’re over 40 years old and still sporting a soul patch, while strutting around with your hat on backwards, you are probably either a virgin or a lame ass dingus who needs to move out of his mother’s house.  Seriously, you need to go pay rent somewhere.  Sorry bro, but nobody listens to the Meat Puppets anymore. Grow the fuck up!  This goes for the ladies too.  No mom should be flashing her tramp stamp around town like its acceptable. Cover that shit up!  It’s great that you drove your kids to soccer practice Saturday morning but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you offered to blow me at the Diamond Inn Friday night.  And was that crack I smelled or do you always just stink of burning rubber? Either way, get off the back of that dudes Harley, put the pipe down, and go bake your children some fucking cookies!


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