You’d Never See Michael Jordan Doing This Shit


Have you seen Kobe Bryant’s latest photoshoot? Only Kobe could get caught looking like this. Some people may reference the picture of a shirtless Tom Brady holding a goat but at least he looked like a man… a man possibly saving a wounded goats life. Kobe looks like a woman, or a man trying to look like a woman. I dont even have a problem with his outfit. Diddy has been dressing like this for years. The problem with the Kobe photoshoot is those ‘I kissed a boy’ eyes of his on top of all that make-up. I need to find Kevin Garnett’s reaction to this.


5 Responses to “You’d Never See Michael Jordan Doing This Shit”

  1. young tin Says:

    Hahahaha… hit the nail right on the head

  2. this look like some national geogrpahic shit

  3. WTF! I was browsing google when i saw this shit. Are you serious, Kobe? In this picture it doesn’t look like he rapes, but likes TO BE raped.

  4. no Kobe. this is not a good look…
    looks gay.

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