“Man, I Was Set Up Like a Motha….”

imageSay it ain’t so L.T. After hearing about Lawrence Taylor’s arrest on suspicion of rape, I was left hoping it wasn’t true. History has proved some similar claims false… but not all of them. However, it must be remembered that you can only be famous for so long before someone accuses you of rape. It happens to the best of them. Tyson, Kobe, Roman Polanski, Michael Jackson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar (formerly of Lou Alcinder fame), Big Ben, and now Taylor. I know what you are saying, ‘didn’t Polanski admit it?’ Yes he did but that’s not the point. The point is that he had to be accused first. You may also be asking ‘when did Kareem Abdul Jabbar go through this?’  Well, he didn’t but doesn’t he look like a guy that this could have happened to and some people would have believed he did it? The answer is yes. The bottom line is this only happens to people who look like, or act like, they might be willing to take some ass through force. Taylor definitely looks the part with that high fade/flat-top hybrid that he wore in his playing days and would probably countinue to wear if his age allowed it, and with the single, long, gold, cross earring hanging off his left ear. He also acts the part with his crack smoking and uncomfortably energetic personality (which may be a byproduct of the crack smoking). With all that said, I hope it’s not true.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar looks suspect, that’s all I’m sayin’


and now more L.T.


5 Responses to ““Man, I Was Set Up Like a Motha….””

  1. LT is the man, but god damn you can’t be surprised on this one. I was actually watching an Artie Lange (not funny) standup last night where he spoke of doing blow with prostitutes and LT.

    dude was hands down the illest New York Giant yet tho

    • Suge White Says:

      I love L.T. too. His indiscretions hurt but they don’t do irreparable harm to that love. Not to mention, he probably at least thought she was 18.

  2. LT was and still is the man, shorty wanna fuck he aint the club b he aint checking ID LT was SETUP!

  3. yeah he was set up. those fools ‘prolly already knew who he was and thoght they see a big pay day a la Tiger Woods dumbs ass. And I think I read somewhere that she DID tell that poor horny man she was 19.

    I hope he gets out of this and they get what they got comin’…

    • Ya, I’m sure she did tell him that but it ain’t gonna help him now. I hope the prison barber knows how to cut a flat top.

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