Who Needs To Know The Truth?


During my time abroad, I’ve learned to enjoy the little pleasures that life has to offer. It can be the instant gratification you get from burning a hooker (usually the hooker burns you) or the funny feeling that accompanies a piss in a public pool. I’ve never before understood these pleasures but now I’m all in. Tomorrow, when I wake up in my own bed, I will need to find a way to keep that vibe going. Step one, from now on, everyone is a stranger because you can say anything to a stranger. “Excuse me sir, can you please point me to the buffet?” Or “Excuse me sir, can you please point me to the buffet? I am going to try and fit a whole pineapple in my ass.” See the glory in that? I have absolutely no intention on putting a fruit in my ass, no matter what his name is, but that stranger doesn’t know that. Simply put, you can fuck with anyone and everyone without their knowledge. During the trip, I met a girl who said she was an extra on an episode of Entourage. That could have been a complete lie and I wouldn’t know the difference. For all I know, she has never been to California at all and spends every waking hour in Louisville giving analingus to fine Kentucky Gentlemen for a nominal fee. Who am I to judge? You can be anything you want. “Hi, my name is Hustle and back home I get paid $25 an hour to watch crocodiles fuck.” And that’s just the beginning. It is all about saying exactly what you want and trying new things. As a matter of fact, I think I need to find the nearest light socket and stick my dick in it just because they say it can’t be done… or do they just say that it shouldn’t be done?


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