Jamrock, Meet Hustle Womens

Tomorrow I leave for Jamaica. Needless to say, I have some big plans for my goons and I.  However, my idea of ‘big plans’ is undoubtedly different than yours.  In short, I have no idea what will happen but I’m prepared for anything.  My travels may lead me to a situation where I might attempt to buy a man’s dreadlock, to use as a weapon in a robbery.  I might even expose myself to Danny Glovers father (I understand that Danny Glover’s  father has nothing to do with Jamaica but I could definitely picture a situation where I see him on the resort or something).  So here is my ‘What to do in Jamaica Top 5 List’.

5. Fuck a coconut

4.  Drink a Red Stripe.. that has been mixed in a blender with a Red Stripe Angelfish

3.  Drunkenly piss on Peter Tosh’s tomb

2.  Quickly attempt to wipe that piss away once I realize I pissed on Peter Tosh’s tomb

1.  Smoke a joint rolled out of a Yellowman album cover… with Yellowman



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