Fix These Roads

Yesterday, I hit a pothole and wrecked the transmission in my car. Does this shit happen to other people, or just me?  Isn’t it somebody’s job to fix these?  Fucking lazy pricks!  Do your job!  Now, back to the holes.  I think we should stop calling them potholes and start calling them assholes because that’s what they are…. ASSHOLES.  Fucking ridiculous! I want to fill in that pothole with my shit, which I will then piss on.  Or maybe I’ll just tea bag the pothole. You’ll drive by and see me with my pants around my ankles and my balls in a hole in the road. How would you like that pothole? You wouldn’t, would you?

2 Responses to “Fix These Roads”

  1. chawtin (the saint) Says:

    Have you tried stabbing the pothole?

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