The Real Paddy’s Pub

The  Saint (Local Goon) demanded that I, at least acknowledge The Real Paddy’s Pub of “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fame.  Ok, Yung Tin, you win.  This bar was the highlight of Philly.  While it doesn’t look anything like the television version, the real Paddy’s Pub has a  hole-in-the-wall feel and a ‘never been dusted or cleaned in any manner’ appearance.  I definitely had no trouble believing the show was modeled after this place, which the bartender said the first season was.  However, I was struck by how small it was.  I’ve taken shits bigger than this bar.  With that being said, I can not seriously disparage Paddy’s Pub in any way because they were the nicest, most seemingly honest, people, we met in the whole city.  The bar dogs working there.  OK, maybe the dogs didn’t work their but it appeared as if they spent just as much time their as some of the employees. This was definitely a dog friendly bar.  I spotted at least 3, maybe 4, dogs in this place during my brief stay.  I also saw 4-5 women that looked liked dogs, several men that looked like they had been fucked by dogs, and a single Leif Garrett impersonator.  This bar needs to pack up shop and move up here to Worcester because this type of place would fit right in with some of our finest drinking establishments such as the Diamond Inn, Barney Google’s, and Leitrim’s.


4 Responses to “The Real Paddy’s Pub”

  1. chawtin (the saint) Says:

    Thank you! Mad funny 4-5 woman that looked like dogs and several men that looked like they had been fucked by dogs. Also hotel Vernon is as classy an establishment as there is in Worcester.

    • Suge White Says:

      I’m not gonna lie. This place makes Hotel Vernon look classy. The Vernon has a following and the ability to make money with shows. Paddy’s couldn’t have a show if it .wanted to and, besides one pub crawl group, all the patrons looked like regulars… and all the patrons looked like they lived in the ally that cut behind the building.

  2. chawtin (the saint) Says:

    Also I’m digging the junkyard cat vid

  3. You forgot to mention the take-out beer option, I thought that was pretty cool

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