Competition: The only way to prove you are better

I love watching the Winter Olympics. They feature a few sports that I love, a few sports that I find at least mildly entertaining, and plenty of good old competition… and this world needs more competition. Pitting nations against each other brings out the best in everyone. There is nothing better than being able to tell an entire country that they suck. The best part is that we can do it one skier, or snowboarder, at a time or we can knock off a whole bunch at once by telling the German Curling team to go suck a bag. Sweden, you suck! Switzerland, you suck! The one guy representing Ghana, you suck! The Miracle On Ice remains the single greatest sporting event of all time because it was the ultimate ‘FUCK YOU’ to the Russians… and at the time nothing pleased America more than fucking the Russians. Now there are a lot of shitty countries in the world and its good that the time has come for us to get the chance to tell them to take their toys and get the fuck out of the sandbox.

I couldn’t leave you this post without first paying hommage to one of the greatest movies of all time, Cool Runnings.


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