A Great Discussion

Let me ask you a question. Do you prefer Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb?  Two almost identical beverages with very different backgrounds.  Mr. Pibb has always been my preference for one single reason.  Dr. Pepper allegedly has a PhD yet he makes soda?  Sounds like a God damn failure to me.  Mr. Pibb makes an equally delicious beverage and he didn’t need to waste 10 years of his life to do it.  Sorry Doc.  Your PhD doesn’t mean shit when it comes to filling a can with some sort of sugary concoction that fills the heart with happiness… and the pancreas with cancer. So stick to open heart surgery or giving some guy a second opinion on a groin injury.  The Sullivangelist (local goon) proposed a theory that a doctor could make a superior soda because he would know how to mix and match ingredients to get the best results.  The one flaw in this arguement is you don’t need a degree to do that.  Rednecks have being doing this for years.  It’s called cooking meth.  Sure, a couple two-three have blown themselves up trying but many still succeed.  Either way, I don’t think this Pepper character needs to market himself as a doctor.  It’s unneccessary and leads me to believe he has met enormous failures somewhere in his life that led him to the world soft drinks.  Feel free to voice your opinion because this debate is far from over.

I had to put this up because I don’t know anyone that has ever actually seen a Mr. Pibb commercial


10 Responses to “A Great Discussion”

  1. I’ve only ever seen Mr Pibb in two places though…and they were both 5 guys burger joints

  2. I would argue that a doctor could make far superior Meth than a redneck with virtually no risk of unwanted explosions

    • Suge White Says:

      Maybe a doctor could given the time it would take to develope the appropriate mixture but what doctor has that kind of time? Meth isn’t a fucking side project, it’s a way of life! Either you’re in all the way or you’re out.

  3. Chemists are doctors too.I
    am sure eccentric doctors cook Meth frequently. Some of them harvest organs. They say things like “eureka”. Others make a lot of good soda. Just because Dr pepper hasn’t followed the beaten path doesn’t mean his soda is inferior.

    • I never said that Dr. Pepper made an inferior soda. What I said was that Mr. Pibb makes an identical soda and didn’t need to waste his time getting his PhD to do it. I respect that kind of man and will give him my support anytime.

  4. Maybe the good doctor got his degree to become a proctologist,a optomotrist, or a pediatrist. Then he decided that asses eyes and feet were not his calling. Then gave it all up to follow his true passion. He then applied his doctory knowledge to build a soft drink company from the ground up. That, my woman hustling friend is worthy of your respect

  5. Suge White Says:

    Definitely a plausible scenerio, I’ll give you that. However, I don’t understand how his knowledge of the human ass would aid in the development of a soft drink. Lastly, I never denied the Doc his due respect. I was simply saying that I prefer Mr. Pibb because he made the same soda without the degree attached to his name. Dr. Pepper can take solace in the fact that I very much enjoy a soft drink that is nearly identical to his own and in the absence of Mr. Pibb, would happily drink his beverage.

  6. A poorly produced soda makes me flatulant. Sometimes embarisingly so. Is it not reasonable to assume that pepper the proctologist applied his knowledge of the human ass to alter how the fumes of his soda pass through it?
    P.s. lets me and you go toe to toe in bird law? Huh?

    • Mr. Pibb isn’t a poorly produced soda, therefore flatulence will not be a problem for you. So come join us in supporting the common man.

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