Real Man Shit

Real Man Shit – to perform the actions of a real man
This idea was first brought to me through the brillant thoughts of the Big Hug (Local Goon).  The concept of real man shit is pretty straight forward but let me explain. Going to a Britney Spears concert is not real man shit. However, buying front row tickets to a Britney Spears concert for the sole purpose of trying to look up her skirt is real man shit. Bud Light Limes = not Real Man Shit. 6 Bud Light Limes consumed at one time through a funnel = Real Man Shit. Got it? Ok. Now I will proceed to my top 5.

5.  Going to a buffet, eating till you can’t possibly eat anymore, and then having another plate

4.  Drinking over 30  beers in a day just to prove a point… and believe me, it’s been done

3.  Fixing your car with glue, duct tape, or bungee cords

2.  Paying a hooker to be your date for a  wedding

1.   Taking a shit while drinking a beer, smoking a joint, or eating a cheeseburger… and yes, it has to be a cheeseburger


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