Why Are You Lying?

Next time I hear a fat person say they are starving, I’m going to scream. I consider myself to be large, if not fat, so I know a thing or two about excessive eating habits Have you eaten anything today? Oh, you have? Then you’re not starving, you simply crave another cheeseburger. You may be extremely hunger, and based on your physical appearance I would be willing to bet you are, but you are far from starving. Not to mention, if you were truly starving, you wouldn’t be so fucking picky. Go up to anybody in Somalia, offer up a bowl of broccoli, and watch what happens. That person will thank you to no end and if you play your cards right, you could probably get a hummer out of it, whether they be male or female. Go up to some fat guy who claims he is starving and offer him a bowl of broccoli and see what happens. I promise you he is not going to offer to blow you for that bowl of broccoli. Being fat is hard enough, don’t make it worse by being a liar. If your are truly starving then you would suck a dick for some broccoli.


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