Great Big Fail

untitledI love hearing stories about robberies gone bad.  You know the ones I’m taking about.  The one where some young hood attempts to stick up a local convenience store, only to get rocked in the face by some old lady behind the counter and chased out of the store.  I could picture my own grandmother beasting on some intruders in such a manner.  I would imagine that she would just flick a half smoked Winston into the offenders eye and then smash a bottle of Beefeater Gin over his distracted head.  She would also probably have another cigarette lit before the punk hit the ground.  I’ve never actually seen my grandmother drink but she looks like the type that would know how to swing a bottle.  Also, I have no idea if my grandmother smokes Winstons… probably not though.  Anyways, if the cops do happen to catch the kid after he runs off crying, I think that this type of conclusion to the robbery attempt should be punishment enough.  Although, the kid should be made to spend a day on the baddest street corner in his city wearing a sandwhich board sign stating on the front ‘I tried to rob a corner store’… and on the back ‘But I got my ass kicked by an old lady’.  I think that this might deter them from trying anything of the sort ever again.

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