Opinionated Scarfaces

 waltons-arguingI’ve come to the conclusion that I’m far too opinionated to have friends.  Maybe that’s a little extreme but  basically the only friends that I have are those that are as opinionated as me and don’t give a fuck what I think, which is the way it should be because I don’t give a fuck what they think either.  I’m going to state my case, pretend to hear you state your case, and then we will argue… to no avail.  I like it this way because, in the end, both side gets to come away feeling victorious.  Bad words are used to excess and insults are floated in all directions.  Why have friends if you can’t insult them and hurt their feelings?  Isn’t that what friends are for.  Last night, Scrilla (Local Goon) and me got into an argument of epic proportions about a certain female bartenders potential for racist views… she was definitely a racist, by the way.  In the end, the argument progressed into the spewing of distasteful dialogue, at levels not seen since the Swiss Sonderbund War of 1847.  However, all’s well that ends well.  We saw the errors of our ways and argued and insulted our way back to decency.  It’s funny how in this type of disagreement, both sides begin to simultaniously realize the potential for disaster and start to subtly tone down their rhetoric.  The fight continues until the words being exchanged are no longer loud, hateful, insults but rather loud, argumentative, agreements.  Eventually, the tone of the conversation turns to that of a discussion of agreeable topics.  That is the loving nature of hate.  That’s what I call to hell and back.  “We start out hating racists,  then get pissed off in the staircases, What Up? Fuck You!  Opinionated Scarfaces”         –  Raekwon(except not)


2 Responses to “Opinionated Scarfaces”

  1. Son that chick was so racist! even though she probably wasn’t I was just breaking her balls. LoL

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