Oh No… Not Jacko

_44969015_earlydays_466The+Best+Of+Michael+JacksonMichael_jackson_bad_cd_cover_1987_cddamichael-jackson-neverlandWell, Michael Jackson died today.  Somebody get Tito a tissue.  I’m shocked.  He may have been crazy.  He may have touched some childrens’ junk (allegations).  He may have looked like a lesbian burn victim. But all in all, the man made some incredible music.  The Jackson 5 are fucking classic.  And Thriller… that’s all that needs to be said about that.  Guess he isn’t going to be doing that final blowout tour after all.  I wonder if he died to save the world from having to witness something as horrific as him performing now.  Lets hope that his kids will take off thoses masks and carry on his legacy.  Now I’m crying (I just stubbed my toe and it’s bleeding).  Roll that footage

This is the Michael I want to remember… even though this was long before my time and I never saw him like this

This is the Michael that I will actually remember

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