Suge Will Not Be Getting Down Like That

twitterI fucking hate Twitter… not that I’ve ever used it, nor do I intend to, but still.  I’m all set with knowing, or caring, what a complete stranger is doing at any given time.  I fucking hate people enough as is.  I would hate people even more if I had to hear about the shit they do with their miserable lives.  Just the same people shouldn’t care what I’m doing at all hours of the day.  Tweet“I just went to bring some trail mix and canned fruit to the food bank but then I got hungry on the way and decided to have a picnic instead.  It was fun”  Tweet“Who the fuck would eat goat cheese?  Fucking weirdos”  Tweet“Why does the guy on the side of the road asking for spare change have nicer shoes then me?”   That’s what you would get.  Know who needed to know any of that?  I don’t know why people think THEIR lives are so special that they need to share every detail with the world.  Tweet – “I think I’m going to make a spinach dip for the party tonight”… good for you, spinach dip sucks.  Tweet“My girlfriend and I are going to Cancun tomorrow. Can’t wait”… awesome, your girl is probably going to get gang banged by a mariachi band or kidnapped by a drug cartel and forced into prostitution.  Tweet“I just took the meanest shit and then wiped my ass with my roommates toothbrush. LOL”…  o.k., maybe that’s a bad example. I’d be pretty excited to read that comment anywhere.  Matter of fact, Conor (Local Goon) and I have discussed doing this.  Go to a party or to a buddies house to hang out and wipe your ass with their toothbrush.  Maybe that’s a little too much… but then again maybe not.  I digress.  Twitter sucks.  If you feel like putting your days activities into words get a pen pal or a fucking journal but please leave me out of it.


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