Hip Hop Power 4 – Creegans Pub Worcester, MA

Hulkhatetimetravel put it down at Creegans in Worcester last night for Hip Hop Power 4.  Throw me in the mix and its a hustlehatetimetravel extravaganza, ya feel me?  Brother Menelik and T.O.D. tore it up, Reviresco and Lex posted up and represented, all the while Hustle Womens got drunk something fierce.  Woke up at 3 p.m. today and was still hammered from last night.  Anyway, here’s what I got 

T.O.D. shouting out Hustle Womens… of course this has to be first

7 Responses to “Hip Hop Power 4 – Creegans Pub Worcester, MA”

  1. hustle womens is the fuckin man hahahaaha good shit b

  2. Suge White Says:

    Of course their are none of me being black out drunk but that is probably for the better.

  3. thank u bro, MY NIGGA HUUSTLES WOMEN

  4. haha classic shit right here

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