Go To School

lisa_glideIf you are anything like me then you are not very fond of school.  I especially hated high school.  My hatred for those high school years ranks second only to my hatred for furry woodland creatures that have been stuffed and mounted on a shelf.  High school was just simply not fun.  Now a days we read about teachers fucking their students and I’ve decided that this sort of action needs to be more prevalent.  Teenage boys need this type of thing to stay motivated.  I would have been much more eager to learn if there was some whorish teacher on the other end willing to reward me with a blow job instead of with a “GREAT JOB !“.  I also feel that this would help reduce the teen suicide phenomenon.  What kid is going to go home and hang himself if he knows that tomorrow he can go to school and beast on some hot teacher ass?  There would also be a beneficial aspect for female students because they wouldn’t be hounded everyday by little Timmy asking them to show him their tits.  Such a lust for learning would be great for our educational system.  We would be pumping out mathematicians, physicists, and doctors left and right.  We could surely reduce the need to import these types from outside the country.  It would be patriotic for there to be student/teacher relationships.  GO USA!


2 Responses to “Go To School”

  1. Son stop acting like High School wasn’t ths shit, we did whatev the muthafuck we wanted to do, then said What!!? but goddam some of them teachers was fine!!!

    • Suge White Says:

      Maybe… my high school years was good and hectic but I fuckin hated going to school, ya feel me? Fine teachers their was though.

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