10 of the Greatest Mustaches of All Time Pt. 1

I wanted to give due props to the ultimate male accessory by acknowledging 10 of the greatest mustaches of all time.  While these are in no specific order, because you can not quantify the greatness of a man’s mustache in comparison to another man’s mustache (because all strong mustaches are great in their own right), I wanted to compile this list.  With the help of Scrilla (local Goon), we have narrowed it down, for now, to these 10 great mustaches.

ECK10.  Dennis Eckersley – One of the greatest relief pitches ever, he had a strong arm and an even stronger mustache.

jason_giambi_mustache9.  Jason Giambi – Former member of my least favorite team , who managed to win over my heart with one grand slam of a mustache.  Not to mention he wore a mustache at least 15 years after it was acceptable to do so.

lionel_richie8.  Lionel Richie – While I hate his daughter, I love his mustache.

tom-selleck-magnum-pi-c101026027.  Tom Selleck – The ‘magnum’ in Magnum P.I. referred to his mustache.  Not sure what the P.I. stood for.  

20071029ho_jeremy1_50016.  Ron Jeremy – The only thing bigger than his cock is his mustache’s reputation. 

PTYO-YOSEMITE-SAM5.  Yosemite Sam – He may not be real but his mustache certainly is.  He influenced such great fictitious mustaches as those worn by the Mario Bros. and Ned Flanders.

burt4.  Burt Reynolds – The original working title for ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ was ‘Smokey and the Mustache’.

saddam-hussein3.  Saddam Hussein – The only weapon of mass destruction that he had was his mustache and the yellow cake they were referring to consisted of crumbs that got caught in it at a birthday party. 

Geraldo2.  Geraldo Rivera – Any man who can make me jealous of him must have a dominant mustache.

john hall1.  John Oates – a fine mustache from 1/2 of arguable the greatest hit making duo of all time.  If you disagree, You’re out of touch, and I’m out of time.


4 Responses to “10 of the Greatest Mustaches of All Time Pt. 1”

  1. it’s actually john oates, you put hall

    • Suge White Says:

      Most of the great dictators of all time had good mustaches… Saddam, Hitler, Stalin. However, Hitler’s mustache, while strong, doesn’t match the length or girth of Saddam’s stache. Matter of fact, it even falls behind Stalin’s. Granted, his mustache is one of unique style, but I thought one dictator would be enough for this list. Hitler could have gotten an honorable mention list but that will have to wait for part. 2

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