Man vs. Beast Fighting League (MVBFL)

kangaroo2AFP_468x693I’ve been giving this some thought for a long time.  I believe this is the next natural progression in fighting entertainment.  MMA quickly took off once it was put out there for the masses, why not men fighting animals?  I previously mentioned men fighting kangaroos, which has been done before, but never in an organized format.  I just want to make money off a man vs. beast blood sport.  I do believe that it would have to be tightly regulated to avoid serious injuries or death.  I wouldn’t have a man without a weapon fight a chimp.  The chimp would just maul the man’s genitals and face. Who would want that?  Actually, alot of people would want that but I wont be responsible for the loss of a man’s junk.  Therefore, the man would have to wear a chastity belt to avoid junk mauling and a helmet to protect the face.  He would also be provided a weapon of some sort.  I was thinking a taser would work.  The ape would just grab the man, therefore, use of a taser would deliver an electric shock to both.  The man’s mass would have to be greater than the apes though, so he could better withstand the electric shock.  I feel this would level the playing field.  I was also thinking of pitting a first time, human, mother in battle against a bald eagle.  The mother would have her baby in one corner and the eagle would have her nest in the other.  It would be an adult capture the flag, of sorts.  I think this would work.  Maybe a two legged pitbull against a paraplegic?   The pitbull would have two rear wheels instead of legs, allowing it some mobility.  We wouldn’t want the man to have to much of an advantage.  The paraplegic would also have a seatbelt so he wouldn’t fall out of the chair.  I feel this fight would be short but sweet.  Man vs. a badger?  Toddler vs. a duck? Autistic child vs. a hill of fire ants?  This may seem cruel but the payout would be huge for all involved.  I am also open to suggestions.  (Post Disclaimer:  I don’t honestly believe in abusing the physically or mental disabled so fucking relax)


17 Responses to “Man vs. Beast Fighting League (MVBFL)”

  1. this got me to inspectigating:

  2. Halfie Williams Says:

    I agree – plus fighting other animals in the kingdom is what we are supposed to do. I like fighting dogs and maybe bears but they are too sexy to fight.
    great idea where do I sign.

    • Suge White Says:

      Halfie, your enthusiasm is an encouraging sign for the MVBFL. You might have what it takes to be our first rising star. You don’t have to find me to sign up… I’ll find YOU.

  3. Halfie Williams Says:

    Ha I’d like to fight young chaw tins dog first for destroying my Ps3 controller and 32 gig thumb stick

  4. Halfie Williams Says:

    A good match would be between an unarmed man and a tiger with a muzzle and it has to be declawed .. it would be a crazy fight

  5. Halfie Williams Says:

    I have a perfect one. between a man on deathrow and a pit bull that has to be put down for biting a kid or something. both fight and whoever wins gets to go free. kind of like running man, but with fighting and a dog ohh and good acting and production

  6. young chaw tin Says:

    I own that dog. I just found out he ate my xbox controller. I authorize the fight. to keep it fair, halfie agrees to have both arms and one leg amputated at the knee. The dog gets an injection of pcp. have at it.

  7. young chaw tin Says:

    Exhibition match.. The snake from anaconda vs ice cube with a rape shank and two loyal abnormally large mongeese that behave like the ferrets from beastmaster one and two (i.e. attack on command). also ice cube wears a bike helmet

  8. young chaw tin Says:

    Kendrick perkins with fake wolverine claws vs a kodiak bear thats blind in one eye

  9. you are totally sick!! You want to make money?? Get off your lazy arse and go out and f***ing work!! This is the sickest idea I have heard yet! You f***ing losers! All of you!

    • I appreciate your concern for my financial situation. However, you need not worry because forcing infants and the disabled to fight animals actually pays quite well. If you want, we can get you in the ring to vent some of your apparent frustration on your pick of furry woodland creatures.

    • Ummmmm….i have a job. I just want to make more money. I have and idea for a fight. Walrus on meth vs. Whiney liberal bitch with a big mouth. Itll be an opening event. Chill out Nancy pelosi

      • I don’t know about that one. Nancy Pelosi is a wicked animal with a good ground fighting style. I think we should summons the ghost of Halfie past to come from beyond the grave to deliver a ferocious raping on this whiners air tight asshole. That should loosen it up a bit.

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