Is That Normal?

I’m not sure what it is?  Why is it that every time something bad happens to me, I feel better?  I have an insatiable need for misery.  I guess it’s not a bad thing but I know that can’t be normal.  It’s my way of knowing that I’m really alive.  I need to start seeking out the bad.  I need to start stubbing my toe more  or purposely parking in handicap spots just to get tickets.  Maybe I should try falling out of a tree.  Not a big tree though because that might really fuck my shit up.  Swine flu anyone?  Anybody want to join me in trying to get mauled by a badger?  That might be fun.  I was also thinking of developing a debilitating addiction to crystal meth.


2 Responses to “Is That Normal?”

  1. Halfie Williams Says:

    I hear you but we give meth to the badger, then you fight it. better outcome

    • Suge White Says:

      That’s what I’m talking about… anything to make the fights better. This is why I am open to suggestions.

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