Tribal Tattoos

clooney_armRaise your hand if you have a tribal tattoo… and now take that hand and gouge your eyes out because you obviously haven’t been using them or else you would have seen that way too many people have had the same retard idea as you.  Did you not see the pictures in the tattoo artists book, showing a dozen other guys with the same tattoo?  Or did you and still thought it would be a good idea?  Be fucking original.  I’m not saying my tattoos are the best in the world or anything but at least they are original.  Tribal tattoos are completely unacceptable unless you are actually a Native American and last time I checked, there aren’t too many of them around anymore.  Not to mention, they have too much pride to get stupid tattoos inked on their bodies.  Tribal tattoos haven’t been cool since George Clooney had one in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ and they were only cool for the length of time it took to watch that entire movie, which is an awesome movie.  Go to any local gym and you’ll see a half dozen meat heads wearing tank tops and rocking these stupid tattoos that cover half their bodies.  This is  probably their way of overcompensating for tiny testicles, shrunk by years of steroid abuse.  

I couldn’t mention ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ without including this.  Eventhough it has nothing to do with tribal tattoos, it has something to do with Salma Hayek and the only people who don’t like Salma Hayek are guys who get calf implants, go tanning, and get their teeth whitened (See previous post for explanation).


3 Responses to “Tribal Tattoos”

  1. I’ll cosign the tribal tattoos being played out my dude, but I cannot in good conscience cosign Dusk Til Dawn being a good movie. As a matter of fact some chick picked that out of my 100+ dvd collection to watch like a year and a half ago for halloween and it got stuck in there and we were never able to get it out. and now that dvd player is only good for playing that lame ass movie. at least salma hayek made one watchable scene out of 2 hrs of footage….

  2. Halfie Williams Says:

    hot I wonder if I would be that hot.. if I licked my shin
    yeah hot

  3. Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past. ~Jack London

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