Don’t… I’m Serious, Don’t

Next time I hear a woman say that I, or any man, would enjoy a strategically placed finger in the caboose  I am gonna lose it.  I’m sorry ladies, I’m not entirely sure that men have a G-Spot and if we do I’d rather you not spend the time to find it.  I wouldn’t enjoy it and therefore, neither would you.  It’s like looking for the Abonimable Snowman, it might exist but who wants to climb around some cold ass mountain getting frost bite during the pursuit.  The end simply doesn’t justify the means.  Not to mention, a man’s ass is not a pretty site.  A man ass is like the Florida Everglades, you might be able to pass through but don’t go exploring or you’re bound to be devoured by a gator.  I know that many a lady have licked some ass but that’s not even close to the same thing. I have experienced this once and I had no idea that a woman would do that on her own.  I was shocked.  At this point, I would like to thank you, unidentified lady friend of mine.  You know who you are and I thought it would be right to give you a shout out on the off chance that you ever reads this.  Thanks for not crossing that threshhold of tolerance.


2 Responses to “Don’t… I’m Serious, Don’t”

  1. Halfie Williams Says:

    besides a finger is waay to small

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