My Hero… Every mans Hero

I’m definitely bitin’ on Brother Menelik here but I can’t help it.  I try to come original with this blog but he beat me to the punch and posted the Dos Eques commercials at  I fucking love those commercials, as should everyone else.  So I gotta give dude his props and steal the shit outta his idea.  If nothing else, I’m posting ones he didn’t  Sorry, B.



9 Responses to “My Hero… Every mans Hero”

  1. all good suge, this man is a god i jus peeped these hes fucking dope

  2. Suge White Says:

    That he is. A man amongst lesser quality men, if you will.

  3. Those were amazing

  4. But wtf is a rorsach test?

  5. word i read the watchem on kush listening to the moody blues knights in white satan then played straight outta comptom through my teddy ruxbin, crazy night

  6. lol i got the fake ruxpin he that lil troll lookin thing but he looked mad funny singing my ice-t cassette “lets get butt naked and fuck girl!” lmao

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