A New Day

heidi-montag-spencer-pratt-disneyland5 days spent in the swampy heat they call Florida and I’ve determined that I’m not the one who is fucked up.  I may just be extremely normal.  After a couple days spent in the extended mushroom trip they call Disney, I’ve determined that I have witnessed the best and the worst of what this world has to offer and I fall somewhere in the middle.  In Disney you see it all.  There was the generic, socially conservative, family, that takes the children to have a good time.  They go to Disney because that’s what families are supposed to do but in the crowd you overhear their conversations and decide that they are in fact the grandchildren of Hitler Youth members.   They stole the children from a Jewish family to give them a better life.  You also have the strangelings that wear black jeans, black long sleeved shirts, and long black hair in 90 degree heat that are just happy to be noticed.  Everyone is there to enjoy themselves… together… all at once.  As fucked up as I am, I am at neither end of that spectrum.  Nonetheless, I had fun.  Conor (local goon) was upset with me when I stated that I didn’t think I would enjoy myself but he was right… I did.  It helped that I meet Lenny Clark at the airport on my way in but it made me feel good to see people of every ilk just doing the same as me. Believe it or not, Suge White has a heart and enjoyed seeing people with serious disabilities just enjoying themselves. And whether they were mental disabled, physically disabled, or just French Canadian, they WERE enjoying the shit out of themselves.  I am still a misanthrope at heart but it’s no longer the general population that piss me off.  Even though many people do stupid things that really irk me, it’s not their fault.  They were just conditioned to do those things so I will just pass the buck down to their distant ancestors who are long gone.  So it’s really just human nature that upsets me and not all people.  There were inevitably those who pissed me off however but I was generally able to let it go.  I was able to overlook the asshole father (this was the Hilter Youth spawn I was speaking of) who belittled his 10 year old son in front of a hundred people for not wanting to go on a rather intense ride.  O.K. maybe I couldn’t overlook it, I almost sucker punched the man in his nether regions.  Not to mention, I almost backed out of the ride myself because I was a little weary of  its intense spinning nature. But this douche bag insisted on insulting his son for backing out at the last moment.  As bad as it was, this made me feel better about myself because I know that I will never be that much of an asshole. I was able to overlook the groups of annoying teenagers who were clearly just yelling indiscriminately with the intention of pissing people off.  However, one thing I was unable to overlook was the people rockin’ bride and groom Mickey Mouse hats.  Nobody cares about your shitty wedding, you pompous assholes.  You look fucking ridiculous.  You’ll probably get divorced in 2 years anyway.  So at least have an acceptable honeymoon and don’t subject the rest of us to your abnormal displays of affection.  A honeymoon should be at an exotic, or remote, location primed for rampant sexual exploits and loads of drinking.  I don’t view the Tower of Terror as fulfilling any of that.  Unless, the dude was copping a whop during  the thrilling free fall.  I guess that would be pretty intense.  Forget all that, now I’m back home.  For some strange reason I was relieved to see the Welcome to Worcester sign on my way ride from the airport.  My trip is over but maybe now I won’t hate everyone so much.




2 Responses to “A New Day”

  1. Oh, you will hate, you will.

  2. Halfie Williams Says:

    people watching at it’s highest quality, white trash broken familys. horrid spoiled kids and hot 12 – 14 year old girls with mouse ears what more can one depraved ID want. food urgh. nothing

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