The Devil

devilThe devil is some serious shit but why is he always red?  I understand hell is hot but come on.  Can’t he just have a really serious tan combined with the texture of a used baseball glove. I picture the devil looking like a Brazilian.  Nothing against Brazilians but its gotta be hot as hell down there.  If not a Brazilian then at least my grandmother after hitting the tanning salon everyday for 3 months.  On top of that, what are the horns all about.  He looks like some sort of retarded ass goat on steriods.  Baaah!!?!?.  I’m gonna go to hell and find that Satan is just some deformed Brazilian dude who drinks too much and masterbates constantly.  I can begrudginly handle that.


One Response to “The Devil”

  1. Halfie Williams Says:

    I disagree sir. no sunshine in hell just fire no tans he would be white like powder with no hair too

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