You damn drunk… You look stupid

drunksI fucking hate people at bars. I go to the bar and instead of enjoying myself, I just end up hating everyone around me. These people are all busy being too drunk to walk normal, looking stupid, and at the same time, trying to impress everyone. Simply mention Swine Flu and everyone gets offended, or confused. It really could be either. One guy went off on a 5 minute diatribe about his car, sex with random women, going to work, and horse racing. He ended his rant with the following “And I fucking went to Mexico…Swine Flu?” I think he was retarded. I actually saw a girl try to slap my friend for simply yelling the words Swine Flu. Fucking amazing. At least she was drunk and it took her 5 minutes to wind up for it. Literally enough time for me to debate just slapping her first. I didn’t. I just blocked her hand, as did like 3 other people who probably had the same thought process as me. I saw another girl literally just pissing in the parking lot. Not very attractive. Ben (Local Goon) and me were just looking at her from a distance trying to figure out what she was doing. We thought she might be pissing… or examing the bumper of her car. Then her friend yelled at us for staring. She must have been pissing. Fucking wait till you get home. Stupid neanderthal ass bitch. Then you got the dudes who go to the bars dressed like gay mobsters. Pointy shoes, make-up, way too much hair gel, and enough cologne to choke out a rhino. Hey buddy, your belt buckle is the size of my face.


2 Responses to “You damn drunk… You look stupid”

  1. Haha that chick pissin was a riot, especially that other one who tried to punch Sean in the face, good times good times.

  2. Suge White Says:

    Always is…. shit’s ridiculous.

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