Swine Flu?

Maybe our Muslim brothers have been right all along.  Maybe pigs are some filthy animals.  Well, I’ve always known pigs were filthy animals but they taste so damn good when properly prepared.  And eventhough people do not catch swine flu from eating pork, I feel like this outbreak has ruined my ability to enjoy bacon… or sausage… or a good, slow cooked, pork shoulder.  Why do we have to catch all these fucked up animal diseases?  We should find a way to give them some of our shit.  You think a pig could get small pox? or a chicken could get the clap?  I don’t know but we should find out.  Enact a little revenge for taking away my love of pork and poultry.  We also need to be on the look out for what is next.  Bovine Flu?  Tuna Flu?  Boy Flu?  We should start preparing now so we never again have to look at all these little Asian people with those stupid masks on. asians

2 Responses to “Swine Flu?”

  1. youz a swine merchant!

  2. Suge White Says:

    I am the bearer of 1 disease… Swine Flu

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