Plungers… for toilets

stevie-wonderDid you know that plungers have names?  Not brands but actual names.  My roomate Conor (local Goon) recently bought a plunger that was called the ‘Master Blaster’.  If that name doesn’t shock you, go back and read it again.  If you’re still not shocked, go get tested for swine flu because if that doesn’t raise your eyebrow then you must be ill.  Seriously, is it a sex toy?  Or is it an ode to Stevie Wonder?  It IS black, stylish, and makes an amazing noise during use (it sounds like a tornado spinning inside of a blender thats filled with the finest spirits this side of Des Moines, Iowa).  Sounds like Stevie Wonder to me… and Master Blaster is a fucking classic song, no doubt.  Definitely a song I would name a plunger after.  Its making me think that I should also start naming plungers.  My first plunger would be a slender, tan colored, plunger, with a dual use mop top. I would call it ‘The Saviour’.  You know… like Jesus.


One Response to “Plungers… for toilets”

  1. master blaster, that track is so fucking dope

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