I would eat you

strawberryYou remember Strawberry Shortcake?  If you have a little sister, you definitely remember.  I was always confused by this cartoon.  Is she supposed to be a girl or a tasty treat?  Are the 2 mutually exclusive?  I would eat the shit out of her.  Would her shit be a Fruit Roll-Up?  Gusher’s perhaps? It doesn’t really matter because I’d eat it anyway.  Anyways, it’s cartoons like this that turn people into cannibals.  Aqua Teen Hunger Force anybody?  One of my favorites, no doubt.  Master Shake is classic but what type of shake is he supposed to be?  Probably vanilla because of his whiteness.  However, I’d like to think of him as a delicious Shamrock shake from McDonalds.   shake


2 Responses to “I would eat you”

  1. yo what’s a shamrock shake? I want one, they good?

  2. Suge White Says:

    its one of those mint flavored shakes that they got for Saint Patricks Day… you’ve really never had one? They delicious

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