Ridiculous Holidays

groundhog_dayI just heard some people discussing the movie Groundhog Day.  I love that movie.  Bill Murray is generally good in everything he is in.  The discussion did get me thinking though.  Groundhog Day has to be the most ridiculous day on the calendar.  I even prefer Arbor Day and what’s that good for.  I understand Groundhog Day is a great tradition and all, but seriously.  No one should ever make predictions based on the life of a rodent.  And why a groundhog?  Groundhogs are definitely one of the more obscure animals running around this fine country of ours.  So why give them their own day?  I could understand if it was a mouse, a rabbit, or a Jesus… you know, something like that.  Then again, maybe Jesus has been reincarnated as a groundhog… always a possibility.  This again has me thinking.  What would happen if Jesus was reincarnated as a cow and then that cow was slaughtered and turned into a steak or a baseball glove?  Would Jesus become those things?  I would love to eat a Jesus steak.  It would probably be delicious.


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