These are the people we deal with

smoking-crack1No matter how you look at it, most people are fucked up. Some people smoke crack. Some people cut themselves. Some people even fuck animals… and not even exotic animals. I could understand if someone had the chance to pound on a polar bear or something, cause lets face it, that would be fucking awesome (awesome fucking rather) but these people are fucking dogs…that’s taking man’s best friend to a whole new level.   This just shows that there are alot of people out there that do weird shit everyday. Can’t people just think fucked up shit without actually doing the fucked up shit they are thinking of? For example…Who hasn’t wanted to punch a child at one time or another? I know this sounds absolutely savage but we have all had this feeling. I’m not talking about just annoying children, cause thats exactly what most children are…ANNOYING. I’m talking about those rude ass fuckin’ children. We all know the type, the type that just deserve to get punched. You see? You just don’t go around punching all the kids that piss you off because as adults we know better. Unfortunately, not all adults know better. Just the same, what man would ever consider using a glory hole? No man should ever stick his dick in a glory hole. I for one, would never risk castration for a chance gay encounter… I wouldn’t even do it if there was a chance of an attractive lady being on the other side. Those just aren’t the type of odds that people should be betting the house on… you feel me?


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