10 Reasons I Loved Smoking Weed

weedNow that I’ve quit that sweet, sweet ganja for good. I’ve decided to compile a list of reasons I must have had to smoke weed all day, everyday, for the past 10 years.

1. I love it when my dick doesn’t work properly.
2. I love to have a reason to blow off sex with a woman (when my dick is working properly)
3. I love to sit on my couch… for 8-10 hours straight.
4. I love having the appetite of an entire malnourished African family.
5. I love taking a day off of work to spend all my bill money on an 8th of sticky and a large pizza.
6. I love forgetting to listen to people in the middle of a conversation.
7. I love falling asleep everyday at 8 P.M.
8. I love waking up everyday at 10 A.M. and still feeling like a nap is in order.
9. I love listening to Queens of the Stone Age
10. I love not caring about anything but smoking weed… and trying not to get hit in the nuts… cause lets face it, weed or no weed, that is a necessity.


2 Responses to “10 Reasons I Loved Smoking Weed”

  1. Hey, remember all the good times and adventures you had with sweet Mary Jane. Plus, you do gotta love stoner life. Simple and relaxed. =)

  2. ya dude.
    all your stress just melts away into a mixture of laughs and giggles. Sure, it can be back if you abuse it by skipping work. But its all good when you got the time to just sit down, relax, and for no reason what-so-ever think everything is hilarious. you gotta admit its the greatest feeling in the world
    and p.s.
    have you tried doing it while high? it makes it about 10X better!!!

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